If you are lucky enough to have found your passion then how could giving up is an option? // So here I am! I’m in Peru ! 6th continent and 62th country on my list. Still so many places to see. Please join me on my trip in South America for next few weeks!

When I took a domestic flight to Cusco I really wanted to have window seat. Unfortunately wasn’t lucky at check-in . So I just ask a guy if I can seat at the window . He said ok. But apparently it wasn’t his seat. Some woman came and saw her set I should taken but asked flight attendant if she can seat with her son she said ok . Then some other people didn’t find their seats. After 5 minutes there was one big news in the plane. Yeah. I did little revolution there at my very first day. It was like domino. At the end there was just a communication – please take any available seat. Well, I kept my window seat for myself. And could take this lovely picture of unknown beauty .

If you want a postcard please grab me a message! 29zl/8euro


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