Prices in Myanmar money currency exchange rate: 1500 = 1USD / Eur
Tips 10% in Myanmar are welcome, but seems like not necessary. Necotiating prices are okay but sometimes think twice, its so cheap here and you arguing about 50 cents. Let them earn so mo!

Pan War Cafe Restaurant

Best place in Bagan. Especially in New Bagan, bit outside of the main road which means its quiet. Run my lovely family. Just ask them about some culture or stories. Spent there a lot of time tried probably most of the dishes. So food and atmospehre and yeah, its just great. TRy shakshuka, steamed garden peas, curry, ice creams and avocado juice. Or just ask whats today speciality by chef.

Date Cafe & Bakery

Short description:
lovely clean, quite european place with plugs for laptop and free wifi.
Great for breakfast, lunch, real machine coffee and deserts

Prices / Menu

espresso 2000, latte 2800
also great omlette (I could mix my own – 1 ingredient 500)

How to get there:

Bagan Vibes Hostel

It’s nice hostel but with all day long cook, and very nice bar and vibes in general. Perfect coconut rice.

Prices / Menu

cheakpea and coconut rice 3000
coconut rice with chicken 4000
cheese pizza 4500

How to get there:

Black Bamboo Cafe

Short descroption:
very tourist place, altough really nice, almost hipster with nice toilet.
Most expensive I’ve been in Bagan. Good it you wanna escape the dirty Bagan for a while.

Prices / Menu

Papaya salad – 3000
Iced coffee with milk 2000
one scoop ice cream 3000

How to get there:


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